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Organic Marketing vs Paid Marketing


Organic Marketing vs Paid Marketing

Organic Marketing vs Paid Marketing

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Organic traffic means the natural search engine results that show up in your search query. These are vastly separate from the paid search or sponsored search engine results that also appear in the search results.

Let New Customers Find You

Google is the main source of information on the Internet, so it is important to look to search engine optimization in order to maximize the presence in search results and get more visits from your potential customers.
The idea of using SEO techniques is not only to achieve more traffic but also to get more qualified traffic to your website, traffic that arrives at your website with the sole purpose of purchasing a product or service.

Major Difference Between Two is

Organic search results are the Web page listings that most closely match the user’s search query based on relevance.
Paid results are mainly ads — the Web site owners have paid to the search engine to display their Web pages for certain keywords, so there company name and offering shows up when someone runs a search query containing those keywords
Paid search marketing is a fast method and easy way to get listed on Google and other search engines for keywords that are related to your business. But, for most of the people paid search marketing is also very expensive. On the other hand, search engine optimization can help you to save money and can also get more targeted visitors at the same time.

An advantages of Organic Marketing over Paid Marketing

It provides results which endure for a long time, it also integrates well with social media, and regular optimization of your web pages can bring increased traffic to your site.

Other Important Things to Consider

In digital marketing organic generally refers to unpaid tactics to achieve ranking in SERP. SEO in itself is organic, in that you’re not paying for results. You are applying techniques, both on-page and off-page to get your site to show up when someone searches for certain terms in search engines. These tactics include:

  • Doing keyword research and using it to optimize content
  • Link Building
  • Website architecture
  • Local SEO tactics

These are some common organic ways to increase your rankings as opposed to paid advertising on search engines, such as pay-per-click and Remarketing.

Similarly, in social media organic marketing refers to non-advertising tactics, such as posting links from your website, curating other’s content, participating in communities (such as Twitter chats), and engaging in conversations with your audience in various social media networks.
Most of the social networks have advertising options that allow you to expand your reach beyond what you can achieve with those organic tactics.
In social media, we can also define organic, when his/her number of follower increases. It happens when we provide high quality & unique content to our users. This is opposed to following a ton of people only to get them to follow you back or purchasing follower.

While organic marketing is a fundamental part of any digital marketing campaign, nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to succeed with organic efforts alone. In Google, ads are pushing organic results down the page, decreasing the number of clicks on those non-paid listings. Paid results also can provide a jump in organic clicks, which in turn help boost your organic rankings.
Organic social media have also taken a huge hit, particularly on Facebook. The social media powerhouse is constantly revising its algorithm, making it harder and harder for businesses work on without paying. Therefore, it’s getting extremely difficult to be famous on social media without investing at least a little in pay per click mode of advertising.

To conclude with, a good digital marketing strategy requires a mix of both organic and paid marketing. PPC advertising can help you grow your user base quickly, while organic sets your business up for long-term, sustainable results.
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