E-commerce website development

Ecommerce Portal Development


Price product comparison

For developing a better reach and to give away a better result solution for better pricing.


Multi-stores e-commerce site

Allows to use manage multi stores from a single website and to build strong relations to save money.


Automated invoicing

It controls an automatic match and what requires manual review along with settings.

E commerce Portal Development

Ecommerce Portal Development

To perform better and on a qualified level, we work hand in hand for the enhancement of the three defined segments of the e-commerce portal best possible level. The purpose of introducing this service as a portal solution an opportunity to develop and maintain the integrated and personalized environments for e-commerce. It is mainly divided into three sub-categories that are: B2B, B2C, CMS since each portal is defined differently in its own way by managing and delivering the solution in.

1.B2B business deals with Wholesale customer’s management, Supplier management, Wholesale customer online login management, Shipping/purchase order/order receive management, Stock inventory/product faulty management.

2.B2C manages Products browsing, Information pages browsing, shopping cart portlet, tell a friend, News subscription, and Mailing list and lastly.

3.CMS deals with Category management, Product management, Web contents/pages presentation management, Customer management, Subscription management, Mailing list campaign, Order/transaction management