Code Iginitor

Code Igniter Development


Nearly Zero Configuration

It doesn’t need much configuration as it is done by convention it prepares models folder for a specified ‘models’ to do the task.


Light weight

The CodeIgniter also works very fast as it is very lightweight because it contains only a few libraries rest of the libraries are loaded dynamically over the demand of the desired project.


It uses MVC

It uses the Model View Controller (MVC) approach, it provides the liberty to the user to flow the work as a model wise structure for the betterment of the project.


Code Igniter Development

Codeignitor is used to develop web application using PHP, with the help of this the task becomes easy for PHP developers as it involves very rich set of libraries, these libraries help to develop project much faster and the interface of this is also simple and easy to understand as compared to another related framework that is why it process good result with the search it adds additional libraries based upon our desired project for that it loads the dynamic libraries for given project. It also uses MVC approach with that it can generate model approach with that it gives the good result for the big project where the architecture of the system needed to be followed it comes with the all range of libraries which fulfills the most commonly needed web development by the user.